Pre-K and Kindergarten

Pre-Kindergarten (4 years of age before September 1st)
Children learn through small group, large group, indoor, outdoor, and center activities. Math and reading readiness skills, music, art, social studies, and science are taught through units of interest to the children. The OPEN COURT READING SERIES is used as the primary basal text. OPEN COURT is a research-based curriculum grounded in systematic, explicit instruction of phonemic awareness, phonics and word knowledge, and comprehension skills. Zaner-Bloser Handwriting is used as the handwriting basal text. Fine motor skills are developed though use of manipulatives (interlocking building materials, puzzles, beads for stringing, etc.), scissors, crayons, and painting materials. Gross motor skills are developed through daily experiences of climbing, running, hopping, throwing, catching, digging, and other outdoor and gymnasium activities. Music and art are not just weekly classes, but are incorporated into the everyday classroom activities. Children attend the program from 8:15 AM until 2:45 PM.

Kindergarten (5 years of age before September 1st)
Our Kindergarten students participate in a balance of active and quiet activities. The OPEN COURT READING SERIES is used as the primary basal text (see above). Zaner-Bloser is the handwriting basal text. Students explore math concepts including counting, sorting, identifying shapes and the properties of shapes, measurement, simple addition and subtraction, ordinal positions, time, and money. The math book is the kindergarten level of the Harcourt Mathematics Series that is used in the elementary grades. Five-year-olds learn much by exploring materials and interacting with others in various learning centers. The teacher interacts with children during this time and provides guidance to increase learning. Music and art are taught as individual classes as well as being incorporated into regular classroom activities. Science, social studies, and health are taught through units of study. Children receive instruction from specialists in physical education, computer literacy, art, music, and Spanish.

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