Lower School

Grades One though Five
Classes in first through fifth grades are self-contained classes. Students remain in their classrooms with their homeroom teachers for religion, language arts (reading, English, spelling, handwriting), mathematics, science, and social studies. Children generally receive instruction from specialty area teachers in art, music, physical education (PE), computer literacy, and Spanish. Children attend school liturgy (Mass) once a week, typically on Wednesdays. The children have a thirty minute lunch and one 10 – 20 minute recess period each day. They go to the library weekly. Children in grades one, two, three, four, and five participate in the Accelerated Reader© program.

The Handwriting Curriculum follows national recommendations regarding the introduction of cursive writing in the 3rd Grade. Students in lower grades use pencil grips (triangle grips in Pre-K and K; “Stetro” name brand grips with a star and arrow in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Grade).

The Mathematics Curriculum is based on the process standards developed by the Diocese of Charleston Superintendent’s Office.

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